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History Lesson

MUSIC HISTORY CLASS: All Killer, No Filler

On this day in 2001, Canadian pop-punk outfit, Sum 41, officially blew up thanks to the release of their sophomore album, All Killer, No Filler. Filled to the brim with youthful anti-establishment rhetoric, catchy-as-AIDS choruses, and unabashed immaturity, All Killer, No Filler was a welcomed distraction from the monotony of the post-grunge onslaught. Riding high […]

sum 41

Sum 41 to Reissue All Killer No Filler on Vinyl

Nothing else matters anymore: All Killer No Filler by Canadian pop-punk group Sum 41  is getting reissued on vinyl as a part of Asbestos Records. There is no info as to the pressing of the record or its release date, but let it be known that you should buy this record. Without thinking about it […]