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AFI Docs 2014 Round-Up

This past weekend, I had the unique pleasure of attending AFI Docs, the premiere documentary film festival in Washington, DC. For those of you who follow the site regularly, you know that here at UTG we are avid lovers of the documentary, and we do everything we can as writers to help promote this genre […]


Amanda Palmer Writes a Letter In Response to Sinead O’Connor (In Response to Miley Cyrus)

Yesterday we saw iconic musician Sinead O’Connor write a letter to Miley Cyrus (and then ANOTHER letter) that got a lot of buzz (which you can read here). Now Amanda Palmer has written a response letter to O’Connor, showing gratitude and, of course, disagreeing to some extent. “Do I want a whole generation of teenagers looking […]


Amanda Palmer Responds to Uproar, to Pay Musicians

Earlier this month, singer Amanda Palmer of the Dresden Dolls requested “professional-ish horns and strings” to take part in her act “for a couple of tunes” with a payment of “beer and merch“. Her Kickstarter for her solo album raised $1.2 million, and so the internet responded negatively to her not paying her musicians money. […]


Steve Albini Talks Straight About Amanda Palmer’s Money “Woes”

Amanda Palmer raised A LOT of money on Kickstarter. For most people, the amount of her fan’s cash that she got would be far too much, but she was well deserving. So we thought… Recently, miss Palmer made an offer to prospective musicians, asking them to essentially play for baubles. This upset some folks (mostly musicians). […]

You Need To Know: Amanda Palmer

Being an up and coming website can have its drawbacks. The worst of which being not working with every band you dream of working with [at least not right away]. So, even though I have no real news to post, we need to discuss Amanda Palmer. For those of you familiar with her work or […]

We Support Amanda Palmer!

If you don’t know this talented singer/songwriter from her days in The Dresden Dolls or her solo record, Who Killed Amanda Palmer, then you’re not living life to the fullest. She’s currently severely out of place on the Roadrunner Records roster and we want her set free! Check out this song she wrote just for […]