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André 3000 to Work on Aretha Franklin’s New Covers Album

Legendary singer and all around powerhouse Aretha Franklin has been working on a new covers album for quite some time now. The record revolves around divas and their songs and will come out sometime this September. She has already covered hits by Gladys Knight, Barbra Streisand, Donna Summer, and Tina Turner, and is now moving on to Adele’s howler “Rolling In The Deep” with a little help from André 3000.

Apparently Don Was was supposed to help with the album but recently backed out. There to step up to the task was André 3000, and Aretha is, as most …

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Outkast’s First Live Performance In 10 Years Is Disappointing…For Outkast

UPDATE: You can now watch the entire 27-song performance after the jump.

One would imagine that Outkast‘s illustrious 20-year career would garner significant praise and response upon their arrival at Coachella this weekend as they performed for the first time together in nearly a decade. The Atlanta duo’s reunion has been talked about since the news broke in November and as Big Boi and Andre 3000’s well-deserved headlining spot provided hit after beloved hit for the massive Indio crowd–as well as guest appearances from Sleepy Brown, Janelle Monae, and Future—it became increasingly apparent that the attendees were either incredibly …


Here’s The First Clip Of Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix in ‘All is By My Side’

At the end of 2013 the world got a brief glimpse of Andre 3000 as Jimi Hendrix when a promotional photo for the film All Is By My Side began making the rounds online in time for the flick’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. 3K – real name Andre Benjamin – fit the part perfectly from a visual standpoint, and now we have our first look at his onscreen abilities.

The first clip from All Is By My Side can be found at the end of this post. The 90-second video features Andre as Jimi, in a dramatic …


Andre 3000 and Big Boi to Release Solo Albums Before Outkast Record

Despite the excitement over former Outkast manager Queen Latifah confirming rumors of Outkast’s new material, it seems fans will have to wait a little while longer before Andre 3000 and Big Boi release a collaborated effort.

Outkast‘s producer Mr. DJ told Revolt that the material being recorded was actually solo albums. However, Mr. DJ believes that a new Outkast record may still be on the horizon. The duo are, in fact, still heading out on a 40-date festival tour this year.

“I get the feeling that the energy and camaraderie from the tour will bring everything full circle. We …


Queen Latifah Addresses OutKast Album Rumors

The world is hungry for Outkast headlines right now, and earlier this week Queen Latifah gave us our biggest one yet when she revealed to the world on Howard Stern’s radio show that the duo would soon begin working on a new album. The only problem is – Latifah claims she didn’t do it.

Yesterday, January 16, Latifah took to Twitter to address rumors that she revealed Big Boi and Andre 3k’s plans to record a new Outkast album in 2014. She wrote, “PS: the rumor mill says I predicted an @Outkast album…except I didn’t. Sorry to get twitter a …


UTG List: The Essential Hits Of Outkast

You would need to have spent every day since the dawn of 2014 living under a rock to have missed the news that Outkast are back together. It has been a decade since Big Boi and Andre 3000 shared the stage, and nearly seven years since they were technically together as a group, but the love fans have for the duo has remained strong throughout.

Now that the news is out about Outkast’s plans to embark on a 40-date world tour this summer, the UTG has been hypothesizing about the setlist possibilities that lie on the horizon. The discussion …

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Big Boi and André 3000 of OutKast Officially Reunited Yesterday

Big Boi and André 3000 of OutKast reunited in Atlanta yesterday. The beautiful proof lies in a photo of the two men posted on Big Boi’s Instagram (which can be seen here) saying “Just leaving the old Stewart Ave. #unfuckwittable”.

Andre 3000 and Big Boi have been on hiatus as OutKast since 2007 after the release of their 2006 album, Idlewild. As Revolt TV reported about a week ago, OutKast will be touring in 2014. The only confirmed date so far is a stop at California’s music festival Coachella in Indio. Now that we finally have proof of them …


An Outkast Reunion May Be “All Systems Go” For Coachella Performance


Revolt TV (owned by Sean Combs and Comcast) is reporting that they can now confirm that an Outkast reunion is definitely happening! According to their “tight-lipped” sources, performances will be taking place in 2014 but there are currently no plans for a new album. We’ll take what we can get!

Andre 3000 and Big Boi have been on hiatus as OutKast since 2007 following their 2006 album, Idlewild, but rumors are heating up that the Kast is getting back together for a run of festival performances in 2014 starting with the almighty Coachella in Indio, California.

According to …


André 3000’s Representative Gives “No Official Confirmation” Of Solo Album Release Date

File under: things to be interpreted either way. After this weekend’s rumor that André 3000 would put out his first true solo album at the top of 2014 after a tweet said “Me: hey what’s up? You got the movie coming, right? Andre 3000: yeah…and I got a solo album coming top of the year. Me:*droptofloor*,” a representative of his has talked about the matter to Billboard. There, the rep said “Regarding reports of a specific plan to release an album in early 2014. [sic] There is no official confirmation on that report.” Earlier this …


André 3000 Hints at Releasing a New Album

OutKast are one of those bands that will never be wiped out of your memory (HA, like you’ll ever forget to shake it like a Polaroid picture), and André 3000 is one of the members to thank for that. While he hasn’t put out a solo album since The Love Below ten years ago, it seems there may be a new album up his sleeve. As reports, the rapper hinted in a tweet that he may be releasing something very soon:

Me: hey what’s up? You got the movie coming, right? Andre 3000: yeah…and I got a solo album

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Here Is Your First Look At Andre 3000 As Jimi Hendrix In ‘All Is By My Side’

After what feels like a year of promotion, the first image of OutKast member Andre Benjamin, AKA Andre 3000, as legendary musician Jimi Hendrix for the upcoming All Is By My Side has surfaced online.

Debuting on the official website of the Toronto International Film Festival, which will host the film’s world premiere later this year, the first image of Andre 3000 as Jimi is one that is sure to cause a couple double takes. You see the OutKast member mid-performance, with stage lights cutting through his hair and a look of satisfaction on his face. It’s not the …

The Great Gatsby

SCENE & HEARD: The Great Gatsby

Written by UTG critic Grace DuffyScene & Heard takes a look at the music that makes our favorite films so memorable. Whether it’s the 400-piece orchestra Christopher Nolan used for The Dark Knight, or the dozen or so bands that contributed to the soundtrack of Top Gun, there is no denying the impact music has on movies and this column hopes to highlight the best of the best.

The Great Gatsby seems to have become the first great tragedy of the summer movie season. Baz Luhrmann’s uproarious adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel has been met with a …