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Angels & Airwaves Reveal New Member/ iTunes Download

Angels & Airwaves have announced the release of LOVE Part Two via Star Records, just as the band welcomes new member Ilan Rubin. On Monday, October 31, LOVE Part Two’s second single “Surrender,” will be premiered on KROQ/LA’s “Kevin & Bean” show and will be made available as iTunes’ free “Single of the Week.” Additionally […]

angels and airwaves

Angels & Airwaves ‘Love II’ Album Details

Angels & Airwaves recently announced that they are going to be putting out their upcoming album, Love II, on their own label, To The Star Records. Love II has an official release date of November 11. There will be various deluxe edition box sets that includes Love (album), Love (film) and many more options. A […]


Angels & Airwaves to release more films

In a one-day-only event, Angels and Airwaves released their album-turned-film, Love, to 500 theaters last Wednesday. For the fans who missed it, the movie will be released for purchase on November 11, via the band’s website. And fans will be glad to hear that guitarist/vocalist Tom DeLonge wants to do the same with the band’s […]

STREAM: Angels & Airwaves – Anxiety

Angels & Airwaves have released a brand new song onto the net and Under The Gun is bringing right to you! Their song “Anxiety” comes from the feature film Love and can be heard by simply clicking play right here. Take it for a spin and let us know what you think of it by […]

MUSIC VIDEO: Angels & Airwaves – Epic Holiday

Angels & Airwaves have unleashed their music video for the single “Epic Holiday” and can be viewed right here on Under The Gun. This song was recorded for their movie, Love, that is planned to hit select theaters on August 10. Watch it and let us know your thoughts!

Angels & Airwaves perform “Epic Holiday” in-studio

Angels & Airwaves have released a special video of the whole band performing their song “Epic Holiday” in the studio. This song was recorded for their movie, Love, that is planned to hit select theaters on November 11. Watch and enjoy right here on Under The Gun.

Angels & Airwaves’ LOVE film to hit select theaters

Angels & Airwaves’ film, LOVE, is set to show in select theaters on August 10th. LOVE is a science fiction film directed by William Eubank. The film has multiple story lines, but the focus is on a main character (played by Gunner Wright) who is mysteriously abandoned on the International Space Station to watch the […]

Angels & Airwaves announce LOVE film and LOVE II release date

Tom DeLonge has announced to the masses that Angels & Airwaves has set a solid release date for their feature film LOVE, as well as LOVE II, the album. Both the movie and the album will be released on November 11th of this year. This project has been up and going since the band originally […]

Guys from Angels & Airwaves remix “Into U”

Angels & Airwaves bassist, Matt Wachter, and guitarist, David Kennedy, (as their mothers might put it) have been using their time wisely, and threw together a remix of Tori Blake‘s “Into U”. You can listen to a stream of the song right here.

Angels & Airwaves postpone LOVE II

Levels of anticipation continue to rise as fans are forced to wait a little bit longer for the double album and feature film release of LOVE II from Angles & Airwaves. In a video posted after the jump, you can see frontman, Tom DeLonge, talk about the basis of the film, as well how the release date has been delayed.

Angels & Airwaves Film Set For Early 2011 Release

Their new film ‘Love’ will be here in early 2011

Angels & Airwaves track listing for LOVE

The official track listing for Angels & Airwaves’ new album, ‘Love’. ‘Love’ is released for free on Valentines Day. Side 1: The Flight Of Apollo Young London Hallucinations Shove Epic Holiday Side 2: Et Duct Mundum Per Luce Soul Survivor (2012) Clever Love Letters to God Pt. 2 Fragments and Fictions Some Origins of Fire