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Netflix Planning A Show That Will Follow Marco Polo In China

Continuing to add their growing roster of original content, Netflix is planning to begin production on a brand new original series. Following the life and times of explorer Marco Polo in 13th century China, the show will highlight the life of the Venetian explorer during times of war. With shooting to begin very shortly at […]


Netflix Planning More ‘Arrested Development’

The return of Arrested Development earlier this year was met with excitement and criticism. Fans loved seeing their favorite characters once more, but many complained the show’s new structure (focusing on a different member each episode) was a change for the worse. Netflix never revealed just how many logged on to stream the show’s new […]


Mitch Hurwitz Is Officially Working On An ‘Arrested Development’ Movie

Arrested Development has had the strangest of fates. While Family Guy got cancelled and came back from the dead to go back on FOX, Arrested Development got cancelled, had all of its cast members grow significantly older, was rumored to have a movie, got an exclusive production deal with Netflix, and then had an additional […]


NINJA PLEASE: Netflix Considering ‘Arrested Development’ Season 5

Though fan reaction to the original return was admittedly mixed, a new article with Brian Grazer claims execs at Netflix are currently considering another season of Arrested Development. “We are in conversations with them to do another,” producer Brian Grazer told Bloomberg TV. “They are interested in doing that.” Joris Evers, a spokesman for the […]


Jason Bateman Claims ‘Arrested Development’ Movie Still At Least A Year Away

The return of Arrested Development via Netflix next month is one of the most unique (and hyped) television events in the last decade. It’s the first time, at least to our knowledge, that a show was cancelled for more than half a decade before being brought back to life in a new format (direct-to-consumer/Netflix model), […]