Lady Gaga Says Second ‘ARTPOP’ Could Be Out ‘Very Soon’

Lady Gaga is hoping to release the sequel to ARTPOP “very soon,” but will anyone care if she does? Back in 2012 when she was recording, Gaga said she’d written a lot of material and that she was planning on releasing two volumes of the record. One would be the “commercial” one and the other […]


Watch Lady Gaga Willingly Let Someone Puke On Her Repeatedly While Singing “Swine” At SXSW Because Art and Stuff

The problem with extremely creative people finding large scale success early in their careers is that nine times out of ten they are unable to maintain that level of fame for very long. That thing called fame is a monster, you see, and recently it got the best of Lady Gaga. Last night, Lady Gaga […]


Lady Gaga Denies Reports That ‘ARTPOP’ Lost Her Label Millions

Contrary to rumors, Lady Gaga has denied that her new album ARTPOP and its surrounding ad campaign lost Interscope Records over $25 million. Shortly after the release of the record, an Examiner article appeared online claiming that ARTPOP underperformed to Interscope’s expectations, selling 258,000 copies in its first week in comparison to 2011’s Born This […]


STREAM: Lady Gaga – “Do What U Want (Remix) (Feat. R. Kelly & Rick Ross)”

Lady Gaga hasn’t been on top of her game this year, as you may have noticed with the wishy-washy reviews of ARTPOP. She’s brought Rick Ross and R. Kelly to her “Do What U Want” single though for its official remix, and it isn’t that bad. Listen to it after the jump. The remix sees Ross rapping over […]

gaga dolls

Life-Size Lady Gaga Dolls Debuted In Tokyo

If you’ve always wanted a strikingly realistic, horrendously creepy, full-scale replica of your favorite pop-star to watch over you as you sleep at night, I highly suggest you keep reading. Yesterday, an undisclosed Japanese company released the “Gagadoll” on to masses of unsuspecting holiday shoppers in Tokyo. The figures, inspired by Gaga’s most recent effort, […]


Lady Gaga Streams ‘ARTPOP’ In Full

After months of promotion and teasers, Lady Gaga has partnered with iTunes to premiere her new album in full an entire week ahead of its scheduled release date. If you somehow made it to November without hearing a word about ARTPOP I sincerely want to shake your hand. We have been wading knee-deep in Gaga […]


Lady Gaga Debuts “Dope”

Keeping fans hungry for her new album, Lady Gaga has come through with a brand new Artpop track ahead of the album’s official release. Set against a piano and stripped of essentially all genre influences, Gaga uses her latest album cut to vent her apologies and longing. She roars about love and the need for […]


Lady Gaga Takes Us To Space On New Single “Venus”

Remember when people were talking about how Lady Gaga was losing it? Was that only a few weeks ago? The talk of Gaga losing her bizarre, hit-making touch will return, but that tide has subsided a bit for now. That’ll happen when you drop a monster collaboration with R. Kelly on the world. With the […]


Required Listening: Lady Gaga Featuring R. Kelly – “Do What U Want”

I know “Applause” did not impress many longtime followers of Mother Monster, and the whole wandering the woods naked thing was a bit odd, but stop whatever you’re doing right now and give Lady Gaga one more chance to sell you on her forthcoming album ARTPOP. “Do What U Want” is the latest track to […]


Lady Gaga Claims Perez Hilton Is Stalking Her

Oh, Mother Monster, what have you gone and done now? Hours before Lady Gaga took over New York for the premiere of her “Applause” video, the queen of all things theatrical in modern pop music made waves online for a story that has almost nothing whatsoever to do with her highly-anticipated new album. It is […]

Screen shot 2013-08-19 at 9.06.04 AM

Lady Gaga Releases “Applause” Video

You may want to start your second cup of coffee before watching the video at the end of this post. Consider yourself warned. Following an early morning New York City takeover, which included projecting the following clip on the world famous screens in Times Square, Lady Gaga has made the official video for “Applause” available […]


Lady Gaga Streams “Applause”

Move over, Katy Perry. Mother Monster is back in action and aiming for that number one spot with the early release of her new single, “Applause.” Debuting online Monday afternoon following a weekend littered with high and low quality leaks, Lady Gaga has made “Applause” available for streaming ahead of its scheduled release. Taking to […]