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We watch a lot of horror movies around UTG, especially this time of year. One of the traits we’ve found more and more this season than in years past …

Dot Dot Curve :) – Till The Wheels Fall Off

2211257Artist: Dot Dot Curve :)
Album: Till The Wheels Fall Off
Genre: Crunkcore
Label: Standby

Back in November, we brought you our views on this then little known group called Brokencyde. Since then, that review has become our most popular topic, but in addition, the group has exploded onto the music scene. Everywhere, much to my disapproval, people are becoming fans of this new genre they call “crunkcore.” In reality, it’s [generally] a bunch of kids from the suburbs who can’t sing or play instruments, but want to be perverse and scream to vocoder and Garageband loops. However, since it’s …