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“Cars 2” wins at the box office, loses with audience

The box office results are in and it turns out, no one cares if you’re the lowest scoring Pixar film ever on RottenTomatoes because people couldn’t drive fast enough to Cars 2 this weekend. Taking in $68 million, the film surpassed the opening of the original, but failed in comparison to Toy Story 3‘s $110 […]



“f there is one thing we are learning in Summer 2011, it is that Hollywood can turn anything into a bad idea. It used to be people dreaded sequels, now we dread superhero films (thanks Green Lantern!) and after this weekend, some may even be more cautious of raunchy comedy. “

“Green Lantern” opens at number one, performs below expectations

Ryan Reynold’s portrayal of Hal Jordan in The Green Lantern claimed the crown at this weekend’s US box office. The film, adapted from the DC Comics character and series of the same name, brought in an estimated $52.7 million, which is a weaker figure than other recent comic films like X-Men: First Class (55.6mil) or […]

Justin Timberlake “not thinking” about making music

Justin Timberlake was once the pop star everyone admired, but it seems those day may have passed for good (at least for now). In a recent interview with NME, Justin was quoted as saying he is “not thinking” about making music anytime soon. It seem the former N*Sync frontman now prefers to focus on his […]