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IRONY: George Harrison Memorial Tree Killed By Beetles

Yes, that’s right…beetles. The Los Angeles Times is reporting the southern California monument dedicated to the fallen Beatle, who lost his fight to cancer at the age of 58 in 2001, has been destroyed by an infestation of the pesky black bugs. The monument, which was planted after Harrison’s death in 2001, was reported to […]


D.V.S* Remixes The Beatles’ “Because”

Remixes can be tricky, and Beatles remixes are even moreso. Guitarist D.V.S* dove headfirst when remixing the eerie Beatles classic “Because,” spreading what feels like sunlight and psychedelia all over it. Hear the quartet’s live instrumentation meet today’s typical womping bass merge in the his remix of the 1969 song off Abbey Road. The song […]


Monday Midday Mind-Melter: Every Beatles song layered on each other

It’s been awhile since my last mind melting feature and there is a reason for that. What began as a weekly column to start off your week with something you’ve never seen before became forced to me. Content wasn’t really that cool so I abstained from posting it. Why bore you? I’ve decided to save […]


Paul McCartney finally works with Decca Records

Almost 50 years after Decca rejected the Beatles and famously said that the group had “no future in showbusiness,” the record label is finally working with Paul McCartney to release his upcoming ballet, “Ocean’s Kingdom.” The show is set to debut on September 22 at the New York City Ballet and will have an additional […]


Glee cast beats Beatles record

The “Glee” cast has beat the Beatles for the most appearances on the Billboard Hot 100 chart by a non-solo act. Read the story over at Yahoo.

Paul McCartney’s Newest Double Disc

Macca is back with a new live double-disc, Good Evening New York City. The album features music from Sir Paul’s expansive career, including solo tracks, songs from Wings, and an entire disc of the Beatles material. You can buy the album through itunes by clicking HERE.

Sgt. Pepper Hits Rock Band

If you’ve been wading through the tracks that came with The Beatles Rock Band, you’re probably getting antsy for some new tunes. Next week, the entire Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Heart’s Club Band album will be available for download. Get Ready for the measures of 5/8 in “Good Morning, Good Morning.”

“Yellow Submarine” to Get 3D

As Rolling Stone previously reported, director Robert Zemeckis and Disney brokered a deal that would allow them to re-submerge the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine, turning the 1968 animated film into a performance-capture 3-D digital production. What was at first a Hollywood rumor is now a fact as Zemeckis confirmed to MTV Movies Blog that he’s already […]

The Beatles Catalog on USB Stick

From Though you can play Beatles songs on Rock Band and enjoy the band’s epic catalog on remastered CDs, you still can’t legally buy the music of John, Paul, George and Ringo on the iTunes store or other digital shops — yet. In a move that may represent Apple Corps. softening its traditionally inflexible […]

The Beatles Go Top Ten… Again.

With both stereo and mono re-releases of the entire the Beatles catalog, consumers of fine music have pushed the group back onto the UK album charts. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band made the greatest showing this week at no. 5. Abbey Road, Revolver, and Rubber Soul all made their way into the top 10 […]