Zac Farro 2012

Zac Farro (HalfNoise) Discusses Becoming A Frontman

Ex-Paramore drummer Zac Farro opened up about switching from being drummer in his old band to becoming a frontman in his new musical endeavor, HalfNoise. Read an excerpt of what he had to say regarding the transition, overcoming his fear, and much more below. You were the drummer in a popular pop-rock band and here […]


Abigail Williams to Release Limited Vinyls

Los Angeles based black metal band Abigail Williams have announced that they will be releasing their debut record Legend and latest effort Becoming on vinyl on June 22. These deluxe, limited editions vinyls were remastered by frontman Ken Sorceron and include eight bonus tracks in total. The two vinyls will be limited to the following: […]