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FINALLY: Dr Acula Break Up

We have not kept our distaste for New York’s Dr Acula too quiet over the years, and for good reason. On the few occasions we have come in contact with them since their early days as MySpace standouts they have continually shown zero respect towards us and gone as far as to attempt framing our […]

Dr. Acula – Below Me!

  Band: Dr. Acula Album: Below Me! Genre: Grindcore/Partycore Label: Uprising Tracks: 1. Beer Pong Massacre 2. Why I’m Afraid Of Bees 3. Night Of The Living Dummy 4. Go Eat Worms 5. You Can’t Scare Me 6. Say Cheese and Die 7. Shocker on Shock Street 8. Piano Lessons Can Be Murder 9. Say […]