Best of the Bees

Review: Mansions – Best of the Bees

Artist: Mansions Album: Best of the Bees Genre: Indie/Rock Label: Doghouse 2009 was a banner year for Mansions. Emerging from the obscurity of the talent pool that is the internet, Christopher Browder [the sole musician on the act’s albums] has nearly become a [hipster] household name. His melancholy songs about love, loss, and life are […]

Mansions’ B-side album now available

With an epic amount of material, it can be hard to keep up with Christopher Browder and Mansions. Therefore, in order to appease those who demand convenience and brevity, we present the Best of the Bees, featuring 10 Bee-Side Tracks. The bad news, is that it’s only available digitally. The good news is, it’s available […]