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Billy T Phones Pictureplane!

[UTG] Billy T: How are you? Travis Egedy of pictureplane: I’m fine – I’m really good actually. [UTG]: Tell me your name, your band’s name and where you’re from. pictureplane: I’m Travis Egedy, and my band’s name is pictureplane, and I’m from Denver. [UTG] You’re on tour with HEALTH, how long is that going on? […]

Interview: Jord from Propagandhi @ Harvest of Hope!

  As the band has not been to Florida in 8 years, it was the off chance that Under The Gun met with the drummer of Propagandhi to discuss their new album, Supporting Caste. [UTG] Billy T: Tell me your name and your band’s name! Jord from Propagandhi: My name is Jord, and I try to […]

UTG Interviews Assassinate The Scientist!

  Billy T gets the short and sweet low down on the up and coming Gainesville band. [UTG] Billy T: Who are you?! Nick from Assassinate The Scientist: I’m Nick Sessions from Assassinate The Scientist, I do bass and vocals. [UTG]: What are your HOH plans, and who are you excited to see? Nick: We got here […]

UTG Interviews Brian From Gaslight Anthem!

  Our staff can’t get enough of the SideOneDummy band, Gaslight Anthem. Fresh from Europe, vocalist Brian Fallon met with us for an interview at Harvest of Hope on Saturday.   [UTG] Billy: Myself, Lee and Hogan are here with vocalist and guitarist of Gaslight Athem, Brian Fallon. How are you enjoying the festival thus […]

UTG’s Billy T Interviews HEALTH! [at Harvest of Hope 2009!]

  Evenings at the Harvest of Hope Festival brought discussions of remixes, Peter Pan and all things that are good when Billy T and HEALTH get together.   John from HEALTH: I’m John Famiglietti and I play bass and other noise stuff Jake from HEALTH: Hi I’m Jake Duzsik and I sing and play guitar and do […]

Former Dirty Money Boys Get Down With Billy T @ HOH!

Spanish Gamble took some time to rap with Under The Gun on the grounds of the Harvest of Hope Festival on Sunday. Following the release of a split with Ok Pilot on Failsafe Records, the band has a new moniker and plans for a full length.   [UTG] Billy: Introduce yourselves and tell me what […]

UTG @ The Fest 7!

  It is needless to say that a 3-day punk festival on Halloween weekend sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon would yield nothing but fun – but here I am reporting on the shenanigans of the dirty little cousin of Langerado and Bear Creek: Fest 7.   The madness began at registration on Friday the 31st […]

Tapes ‘N Tapes – Walk It Off

Band: Tapes ‘N Tapes Album: Walk It Off Genre: Indie Rock Label: XL Tracks: 1. Le Ruse 2. Time of Songs 3. Hang Them All 4. Headshock 5. Conquest 6. Say Back Something 7. Demon Apple 8. Blunt 9. George Michael 10. Anvil 11. Lines 12. The Dirty Dirty  I have to admit that reviewing […]