Blank Space

Our Last Night

Our Last Night Cover Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”

Our Last Night have made a name for themselves by writing hard-hitting and insightful music over the years. For the last year or so the group has also established themselves as a group who can consistently release solid covers of popular songs. By this point they have released an album’s worth of covers, and now […]

I Prevail

I Prevail Cover Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”

Believe it or not, there are still some bands out there who are churning out high quality cover songs. We’re in a time where just about every metalcore or pop punk artist is covering popular songs, but not all of them are good.​ If you’re looking for a new cover to check out, I would […]


Taylor Swift Releases “Blank Space” Music Video

Taylor Swift has released the official video for the 1989 fan favorite “Blank Space.” You may think you know what to expect when heading into a Taylor Swift music video, but when you’re talking about the new and improved T. Swift that arrived with the release of 1989, all bets are off. “Blank Space” finds […]