bamboozle 2012

60 Bamboozle Festival Bands Announced During Midnight Madness

Bamboozle Bands are announcing their participation on Twitter! Guess what? There is 60 of them. 60! (Suck it Warped). As of 1:30 EST, we have a list of 45 artists quasi-confirmed. We expect the list to change substantially, so stay tuned. We’re keeping track as they are announced, but we need your help! Add ones you […]

blink-182 reveal second part of album cover

Look below to find the second revealed part of blink‘s album cover for Neighborhoods. What do you feel about it so far?

Mark Hoppus confirms anticipated summer release for blink-182 album

There is no doubt that the untitled blink-182 album, which has been in the works for the past two years, has had people on the edge of their seats, begging for a solid release date. The guys have been all over the map in terms of when they think the album will be out. Travis […]

(+44)’s When Your Heart Stops Beating being pressed to vinyl

Die-hard blink-182 fans and vinyl collectors alike are being pumped full of good news this week. Not only has a vinyl release of blink-182’s The Mark, Tom, and Travis Show been announced, but now, news has raised to the surface stating that (+44)‘s When Your Heart Stops Beating will be pressed as well. This was […]

Blink-182 auction for Japan

Mark Hoppus is putting up rare Blink-182 memorabilia for auction to help support the relief effort in Japan. All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross. You can bid on the first item here.

Blink-182 taking their time?

Since the summer of 2009, blink-182 have been saying that their new album should be coming out in the summer of 2011. In a short video clip posted after the jump, Travis Barker makes a comment saying that the album may not be out until next year.