Tides of Man

Tides Of Man Stream New B-Side “Bloodhound”

Young And Courageous is the first album Tides Of Man released without a frontman at the helm. We couldn’t wait to hear what they had to offer, and a lot of us were pleasantly surprised. It’s a fun album to listen to, and now the band has (at least) one new b-side that wasn’t included […]

Kevin Devine

Stream Kevin Devine’s New Single “Bloodhound”

One of modern day’s most gifted redheads has just shared a new single and it’s more upbeat than you may imagine. Brooklyn songwriter Kevin Devine has released a new song from Bubblegum called “Bloodhound.” Stream it below after the jump. “Bloodhound” is, I’ll admit, not his most complicated songwriting. Known for some seriously articulate lyrics […]