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Max Bemis (Say Anything) Writing Comic Book

Max Bemis, best known for fronting (and now that Coby Linder’s left, essentially being) Say Anything, has referenced having some big plans this year beyond Say Anything. He has a child on the way, he’s opened up his song shop with his wife, and now he’s got a comic book from Boom Studios titled Polarity coming out […]


Mark Whalberg & Stephen Levinson Pick Up Claudio Sanchez’ Amory Wars for Live Action Feature

This is perhaps the greatest day in the life of any hardcore Coheed and Cambria fan. Our excitement is no match, though, for that of Claudio Sanchez, lead vocalist of the band and creator of the Sci-fi graphic novel The Amory Wars. This is, of course, the basis for all of the New York progressive rock band’s […]