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Watch Off!’s Video For “Red White And Black,” It’s A Riot

It’s like no one appreciated the art of a good music video nowadays. Thankfully bands like Off! still take the time to put some effort behind theirs. The video for “Red White and Black” doesn’t just tell a story and have guest stars, it’s hilarious too! The clip has comedians Brian Posehn and Dave Foley […]

Brian Posehn opens up Slayer’s Vinyl Conflict

Slayer has just released a clip featuring comedian and UBER Metal Head Brian Posehn opening up his copy of the new Vinyl Conflict box set. In the clip Posehn proceeds to go through all the records, citing his favorites of the bunch. The clip can be seen here: More information on Slayer’s Vinyl Conflict after the jump.

Review: Brian Posehn – Fart and Wiener Jokes

One of the funniest comedians working today.