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Senses Fail 2015

Senses Fail Stream ‘Pull The Thorns From Your Heart’

Senses Fail have begun streaming their highly anticipated Pure Noise debut, Pull The Thorns From Your Heart, a full week ahead of its official June 30 release. Check it out below (via MerchNow), along with a track-by-track commentary courtesy of vocalist Buddy Nielsen. “Music-wise, it’s heavy as fuck, and I think on another level, it’s […]

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Senses Fail Share New Single, “Carry The Weight”

In anticipation of their impending Pure Noise debut, Pull The Thorns From The Heart, Senses Fail have unleashed an uplifting new track titled “Carry The Weight.” Check it out after the break (via Revolver), and share your thoughts with us in the replies. According to frontman Buddy Nielsen, the New Jersey outfit’s latest undertaking is […]

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Buddy Nielsen (Senses Fail) Opens Up About Struggles With Addiction, Sexuality, Self-Destructive Behavior

As someone who grew up in the New Jersey pop-punk scene, I have always viewed Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen as a guru and one of the most important voices in punk rock music. Buddy has garnered respect for years because of his abrasive honesty and reputation for calling out the bullshit in our lovely little scene. In […]

Dan Trapp, Senses Fail

Dan Trapp Officially Parts Ways With Senses Fail

In response to a recent wave of speculation, over the weekend, Dan Trapp of Senses Fail confirmed via Instagram that he is no longer an active member of the four-piece, and instead will be focusing his time on the “pursuit of other musical ventures and projects.” You can view the drummer’s official statement by following […]

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UTG INTERVIEW: Buddy Nielsen of Senses Fail

When Senses Fail’s first effort dropped through Drive-Thru Records in 2002, apart from a few select other bands such as Underoath, Thursday, and DTR labelmates, Finch, it was a bit ahead of the screamo game and completely fresh in the ears of listeners. Now 11 years later, Senses Fail have reached their sixth effort (fifth […]

Senses Fail 2012

Senses Fail Frontman Writes Open Letter To His Former Self

Senses Fail’s Buddy Nielsen has released a letter he wrote to his former self. Considering the recent release of SF’s greatest hits package, the timing could not be more perfect, but it’s the simplistic truths Buddy chooses to share that helps this one his home. You can read his letter below: Dear Buddy, The guy […]

Buddy of Senses Fail speaks on ATL/BLG drama

The internet has been flooded over the past few weeks with talk of a fight between Senses Fail’s Buddy Nielsen and the members of both Boys Like Girls and All Time Low. You can catch up on all the drama after the jump. Can someone wake us when this is over? We’d like to get back to covering MUSIC.