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Friday Party Anthem: Macklemore x Ryan Lewis – “Can’t Hold Us” (SFG Remix)

You would have to live a life void entirely of pop culture to not know who the team of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are at this point. Since early January, this creative duo have dominated radio with a pair of impressive singles, and the latter of the two has finally been given a proper remix. […]


Breakdowns Can’t Hold Us: Palisades Cover Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Rise Records‘ Palisades have released a cover of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis‘ current smash hit, “Can’t Hold Us.” Hitting the net over the week, Palisades’ take on “Can’t Hold Us” shows a surprising amount of restraint for an essentially post-hardcore take on mainstream radio hit. There are still chugs aplenty, but the sense of melody […]

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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Perform “Can’t Hold Us” Live At BBC Radio 1′s Big Weekend

BBC Radio 1 held its annual Big Weekend festival over the weekend. We were not able to go, but thanks to a series of videos popping up online this morning we are able to partake in the highlights of the event. One performance was so good it simply needed to be shared, and here we […]

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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Reach Platinum Status With “Can’t Hold Us”

Just when you think this duo have accomplished everything, something new to comes up for them to shock the world with. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis‘ “Can’t Hold Us” has now reached one million purchases, something that many artists have worked tirelessly towards reaching even half of. The single comes off of their highly acclaimed and […]