Gravity Still 3

‘Gravity’ Remains Above The Rest For The Third Consecutive Week

Since Gravity‘s  premiere back on October 4, there’s been a wide variety of box office newcomers debuting week after week, but all of them have failed to even scrape the numbers that the sci-fi/drama film are pulling in. The modern day remake of Carrie performed well enough to earn itself third place, right below Tom […]

Carrie poster

Coffee Shop Prank Promotes Upcoming ‘Carrie’ Remake

Best way to promote an upcoming movie? Pull off a funny prank on some unsuspecting coffee shop patrons (or patrons anywhere, really). As you might have guessed, Sony set up a hidden camera in a coffee shop, where an actress pretends to control her surroundings using telekinetic powers. She even “attacks” another patron in the […]


The Latest ‘Carrie’ Trailer Promises A Bloody Good Time

Of the two major horror remakes hitting theaters this year (we’re still not talking about Texas Chainsaw 3D), it’s safe to say Carrie has up till now been in the shadow of Evil Dead. The latter opens in theaters this weekend, and if you’re lucky you might get to see the former previewed with a […]


New Teaser Trailer, Poster For “Carrie”

We got our first look at a bloodsoaked Chloe Moretz as Carrie back in August, and now the first teaser trailer for the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s bestseller has made its way online. Ominous and leading, the teaser doesn’t give too much away but does highlight the carnage which follows when a group of […]


AWESOME: Here’s Your First Look At A Blood-Soaked Chloe Moretz As “Carrie”

The announcement that Carrie was headed for the remake machine was one that no one saw as a surprise, but it did still leave many horror hounds on edge. Now production is fully underway and, for the most part, reports from the set have been relatively safe. We’ve seen a few buckets of blood and […]