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Old Stories on Vinyl

One of the site’s favorite post rock albums of recent years, Giants’ Old Stories, is now available on [gorgeous] vinyl. Order it here.

Nanda Devi – Fifth Season

  Band: Nanda Devi Album: Fifth Season Genre: Metal Label: Cavity Tracks: 1. The Circumpolar Current 2. Untitled 3. Abandoned By The Sun 4. Untitled 5. Blood and Iron 6. La Brea 7. Untitled 8. Fifth Season I was honestly having a conversation on favorite record labels recently and Cavity came up as one I […]

North – What You Were

Band: North Album: What You Were Genre: Post Rock/Hardcore Label: Cavity Tracks: 1. Possibilities 2. Ghosts Among Us 3. I Am Become Death 4. Failing In Perpetuum 5. Intentions 6. Eidolon 7. What You Were 8. Perspectives 9. Veiled In Light 10. Reflections  Every now and then a band comes along and makes a permanent […]

Cavity Records MEGA-INTERVEW featuring NORTH and GIANTS

Just to change things up with our interview habits, you’re not about to read one, but two interviews in a single post! This weekend James spent a lot of time on the phone with two of our new favorite bands: North and Giants. Both these acts have amazing new albums out and reviews for those […]