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REVIEW: Explosions In The Sky – Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

What can be written about Explosions In The Sky that hasn’t already graced page and blog a thousand times. They’ve written and rewritten the book on how to make a great post-rock record on each release and now their finest hour may be upon us. Click through to find out why Take Care, Take Care, Take Care may be your new favorite album of the year!


REVIEW: The Human Abstract – Digital Veil

The Human Abstract have always been viewed as a band unafraid to push themselves with each release and their latest, Digital Veil, is no different. Is this a change for the better or worse? Click through to find out!

Review: Bayside – Killing Time

Nearly three years, a new record label, and a lot of writing later, Bayside have finally returned with their fifth studio album, Killing Time. Was it worth the wait? Click through to find out!

Review: Dance Gavin Dance – DBM2

The long awaited return of Dance Gavin Dance is finally upon us and UTG has one of the first review of their new record! Click through to find out what our own Rebecca Frank had to say about Downtown Battle Mountain II.

REVIEW: Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows

After months of anticipation and viral marketing, the release of Destroy Rebuild Until God Show’s debut record is just weeks away. Was it worth the wait? Click through to find out!

Review: I Am Empire – Kings

Tooth And Nail has long been a label with an ear for the future of music. Again and again they have defined what the next phase in quote/unquote “rock” will be and 2011 looks to be no different as their latest signing, I Am Empire, have just released the first great heavy record of the year. Click through to find out more!

Review: Cold War Kids – Mine Is Yours

Having abandoned the raw, dark energy that once brought them to the forefront of indie rock for a more studio-slick sound, Cold War Kids are back with their latest studio effort, Mine Is Yours. Unfortunately for them, this is one record we DON’T think you’ll want to share with your friends.

Review: Casey Jones – I Hope We’re Not …

Straight edge fans rejoice! Casey Jones have returned with their self-released third album. Click through to find out why we hope this isn’t truly the end for one of the scene’s strongest acts.

Review: Cake – Showroom Of Compassion

After over a half a decade, Cake have returned with Showroom Of Compassion. Was the wait worth it? Click through to see what our own Eric Dexter had to say!

Review: Social Jet Lag – The Monster Inside

Alabama five piece Social Jet Lag may not have been on your radar before today, but that’s all about to change. Blending soaring vocals with chugs so heavy your head will hurt, their new album, The Monster Inside, is one you simply can’t miss. Find out more, after the jump!

Review: Architects – The Here And Now

After building a gigantic following overseas and slowly chipping away at snobby music fans stateside, Architects have returned with their most ambitious and well rounded release to date. Check out what our own Naomi Carson had to say about this release, after the jump!

Review: Adele – 21

After turning the pop world upside down with her heartfelt debut, Adele quickly became a household name amongst diehard soul and blues fans. Now it’s time to prove she’s more than a one-time wonder. Does she succeed? Click through to find out!