ceasing to breathe


REVIEW: Still Remains – ‘Ceasing To Breathe’

Artist: Still Remains Album: Ceasing to Breathe Genre: Metalcore If you told me Still Remains would put out an album in 2013 after breaking up post-The Serpent five years ago, it’s highly likely I would have chuckled and moved on with my day as the band who wrote Of Love and Lunacy seemed long gone, […]

Still Remains

Still Remains Announce New Album, Debut Heavy First Single

The metalcore renaissance continues as Still Remains have officially announced their first new album in six years and made the first track, “Close to the Grave,” available for download on their Facebook page. The album, Ceasing to Breathe, comes courtesy of a successful Kickstarter campaign that saw the band easily exceed their original $15,000 goal. […]