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Review: Architects – The Here And Now

After building a gigantic following overseas and slowly chipping away at snobby music fans stateside, Architects have returned with their most ambitious and well rounded release to date. Check out what our own Naomi Carson had to say about this release, after the jump!

Century Media posts more than 60 albums online

Century Media unlocks their vault and takes it digital for March Metal Madness


There’s a point and time when a band evolves and you know they’re onto something great. Winds of Plague are showing much promise in the metal scene and are gradually taking it over as time passes. Our friend Johnny Plague from W.O.P was nice enough to sit down with [UTG] to discuss the Summer Slaughter […]

Arsonists Get All The Album Art

Arsonists Get All The Girls have revealed the artwork for their upcoming release, Portals, which comes out July 7th via Century Media. If you haven’t checked these guys out, you should. Artwork can be found below: