Fall Out Boy’s “Centuries” Goes Platinum

After already shocking the world with their incredible comeback last year, Fall Out Boy is still stronger than ever. Their first single off their upcoming 2015 album, American Beauty/American Psycho, was quite the hit when it came out this September. In just a few months it has already reached a million sales and gone platinum. See […]

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Fall Out Boy Reveal Music Video For “Centuries”

The guys in Fall Out Boy have been keeping themselves busy lately. The group recently dropped a single they recorded for the upcoming animated superhero movie Big Hero 6. Earlier this morning they revealed the music video for their single “Centuries,” which was released last month. I’m not sure what gladiators fighting in the Roman […]

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SINGLE REVIEW: Fall Out Boy – “Centuries”

Artist: Fall Out Boy Song: “Centuries” Album: TBA Genre: Pop/Rock A year and a half after making a bold attempt to Save Rock And Roll, Fall Out Boy have returned to music headlines with the release of a new single titled “Centuries.” The track, which debuted online earlier this week, finds the band building on […]


Stream Fall Out Boy’s New Single, “Centuries”

Fall Out Boy stream new song titled “Centuries.”