Chasing the Sun


Hilary Duff Releases “Chasing The Sun” Music Video

A day after her comeback single found its way online, Hilary Duff is back on the front page of UTG with the official video for “Chasing The Sun.” Summertime is the best and worst time of year for people who spend the majority of their week inhabiting cubicles. The nice weather guarantees the potential for […]


Hilary Duff Returns With “Chasing The Sun”

Having taken a few years off to start a family and mature as a person, former Disney starlet Hilary Duff is kickstarting her comeback this week with the release of a new single titled “Chasing The Sun.” Scheduled for release in the US on July 29, “Chasing The Sun” reintroduces Hilary Duff to the world […]

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Hilary Duff to Release New Record with RCA

You know who we haven’t seen in a while? Hilary Duff. And do you know who we’re going to be seeing a lot more of soon? You guessed it. After a seven-year absence from the music industry, Hilary Duff has just announced that she’s signed on to RCA Records and will be releasing an album […]