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In The Midst Of Lions

REVIEW: In The Midst Of Lions – Shadows

Artist: In The Midst Of Lions Album: Shadows Genre: Deathcore Label: Facedown Records Every genre has it’s group of overly pretentious fans, who always think that their opinion of music should go down as law in regards to what is good, and what is absolutely unacceptable. As I grew through different musical genres, I found […]


REVIEW: Ark Of The Covenant – Separation EP

Ark Of The Covenant bring the heaviness of bands like Emmure and As Blood Runs Black to the Christian marketplace with the debut EP, . Are they the next big thing or just another copy of a copy of a fading Myspace fad? Click through to find out!

Review: I Am Empire – Kings

Tooth And Nail has long been a label with an ear for the future of music. Again and again they have defined what the next phase in quote/unquote “rock” will be and 2011 looks to be no different as their latest signing, I Am Empire, have just released the first great heavy record of the year. Click through to find out more!

FM Static – Dear Diary

Artist: FM Static Album: Dear Diary Genre: Pop Rock Label: Tooth and Nail Tracks: 1. A Boy Moves To a New Town With An Optimistic Outlook 2. The Unavoidable Battle of Feeling On The Outside 3. Boy Meets Girl 4. Sometimes You Can’t Forget Who You Are 5. Man Whatcha’ Doin 6. The Voyage of […]