The Lock In


Film: The Lock-In Produced by: Rich Praytor and Beverly Banks, Holy Moly Productions This past weekend, I watched a Christian-produced found footage horror film called The Lock-In with my girlfriend and friend. The Lock-In tells the story of three friends who unlock a demon when they bring a porn magazine to their overnight church lock-in. Read those […]

Westboro Babtist Church to appear at a Taking Back Sunday Show

The Westboro Babtist Church, famous for protesting military funerals, rock concerts, and gay pride rallies have announced that they will be picketing a Taking Back Sunday concert on June 18 in Seattle. They issued the following statement on their website. WBC will picket Taking Back Sunday at The Showbox Concert with a message for those in […]

Music video: “The Ballad of Mona Lisa”

“The Ballad of Mona Lisa” music video from Panic! At The Disco has been released on You can check out the first video from Vices & Virtues after the jump!


Aaron Gillespie now taking requests to speak at church services

Find out more about Gillespie’s requests after the jump!