Coheed and Cambria post teaser video.

Finally, they are back. Coheed and Cambria thrilled fans today by posting a teaser video (after the jump) showing the band practicing a new song. This alone is enough for any child of the Fence to ruffle their Prise feathers. If you didn’t understand any of that last sentence, I suggest you read the Amory […]


Coheed and Cambria are Deranged

Progressive rock legends Coheed and Cambria have returned. The band just premiered their latest song on “Deranged” will appear on the Batman: Arkham City video game official soundtrack. Epic as usual, “Deranged” taps into a softness that only vocalist Claudio Sanchez can bring. I know what I’ll be listening to all day (if IGN […]

Coheed and Cambria bassist arrested for armed robbery

Today, Micheal Todd, bassist of Coheed and Cambria prepared for tonight’s performance at the Comcast Center in quite a peculiar fashion. Todd stopped by a Walgreens near Mansfield, Massachusetts where his band was opening for Soundgarden. Instead of picking up a magazine or a novelty lighter, he showed a pharmacist a note on his cell […]