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RUMOR: Pierce The Veil Join Warped Tour 2012

Many sites are claiming Pierce The Veil are confirmed for Warped Tour 2012, but UTG is not sold on the idea just yet. From what we can find, ShowingYouTheMusic posted a “news story” claiming another blogger told them Pierce The Veil was performing on next year’s tour. In fact, the post reads “Now my buddies […]

Sky Eats Airplane confirm break up

Skye Eats Airplane have confirmed long-standing rumors of their break up. A statement from Zack Ordway can be read below. We wish the now former members the best in all their future endeavors. SEA has endured a lot, from business problems to lineup changes to internal problems with specific members. I personally feel that the […]

Consider The Thief go on hiatus

From the group’s Myspace: Dear Friends, Two months ago, we were at a crossroads. Personal conflicts and lack of collective motivation pulled us in every single direction, stretching us thin. Either we sacrificed our friendships and moved forward with the business of music for the sake of success or we walked away knowing that we […]