Apple Officially Acquires Beats For $3 Billion

After weeks of rumor and gossip, Apple has officially announced plans to acquire Beats for a cool $3 billion. That number is $200 million less than early projections for the deal, but I don’t think Dr. Dre is going to be too hurt over the loss. This move marks a pretty huge moment for everyone […]


Movie Ticket Prices Are On The Rise

Film has become a major component of what we do here at UTG, and many weeks we pay out of pocket just like you for the films we cover here on the site. What follows affects us just like you, and unfortunately we’re not sure there is anything that can be done. According to a […]

Terrible Things start Terrible Tuesdays

Terrible Things have started a new series called ‘Terrible Tuesdays’ and posted the first video performing a new song, tentatively titled “Cost.” Check out the new song below.

SXSW more popular than ever

According to a new report, SXSW 2010 brought in over 113 million dollars of revenue making it the highest grossing year ever for the Austin, TX festival. have you purchased your passes for SXSW 2011 yet? Deadline for November pricing is SOON.