Lead Hands 2012

Lead Hands (Formerly Decoder) Break Up; Jack Burns Facing Criminal Charges

Lead Hands (formerly Decoder) have fallen on tough times and are forced to discontinue the band after incurring major debt issues. Apparently, they owe a total of $1,900 to a particular merchandise company and are failing to pay it back. The group’s own Jack Burns has issued a statement begging for money and can be […]

Never Shout Never 2012

Never Shout Never’s Chistofer Drew Has Two Felonies, May Be Unable To Tour Internationally

Never Shout Never’s Chistofer Drew has built a career on doing exactly as he pleases and it seems the free-wheelin’ lifestyle may have finally caught up with him. While speaking with TheGunzShow last night Drew revealed that last week’s bust for marijuana possession resulted in his second felony offense, putting all international touring plans in […]


Fiona Apple Announces March Tour Dates

The woman who felt like a “Criminal” is back. Just over a month ago, L.A. Reid stirred music fans into a frenzy after tweeting at Fiona Apple with messages that hinted at a return in the coming months. Yesterday we learned there is more to the rumors than hype as Apple announced plans for seven […]

Attack Attack! stream “Criminal”

Attack Attack! are currently streaming the bonus song, “Criminal,” from their self-titled reissue that can be heard by heading past the link provided. Take a listen to this new direction the band took and let us know how you feel about it.