REVIEW: Empire of the Sun – ‘Ice on the Dune’

Artist: Empire of the Sun
Album: Ice on the Dune
Genre: Electronic/Synthpop
Label: Capitol

Aussies have been making quite a name for themselves in America over the past few years. Tame Impala, Cut Copy, and Atlas Genius are a few names that come to mind. However, there is a duo of musicians from Sydney who have been writing consistent electronic-synthpop music since 2008. The band’s debut album, Walking on a Dream, even earned them Double Platinum in Australia and Gold status in three other countries, so naturally promoting their music in the United States seems like an excellent business …


REST IN PEACE: Roger Ebert (1942-2013)

Just hours after it was announced he would be scaling back his review work due to a cancer recurrence, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting that legendary film critic Roger Ebert has passed away at the age of 70.

Ebert will be remembered for his film review column, which first began appearing in the Chicago Sun-Times in 1967, as well as his books and multiple television shows. His work in cinema is second-to-none and will be studied by film fans for generations to come.

To remember Roger, we’ll leave you with one of his most memorable quotes:

“I believe that if, …


REVIEW: Dia Frampton – Red

Artist: Dia Frampton
Album: Red
Genre: Indie
Label: Universal Republic

I hadn’t heard the name Dia Frampton before this review, but I certainly won’t be forgetting it now. Red is a gorgeous collection of songs, quirky and fine with a very strong sense of self. Frampton’s pristine vocals steer an understated but faithful line of instruments that add depth and purpose to her works, creating a relatively short but memorable album that’s equal parts folk, pop, and indie and almost entirely flawless.

James Shotwell is the founder of Under The Gun Review. He loves writing about music and


REVIEW: Canterbury – More Than Know EP

Artist: Canterbury
Album: More Than Know EP
Genre: Sweet rock
Label: (unsigned)

I first saw Canterbury live with Cancer Bats and Billy Talent two years ago. It says a lot about the English four-piece (then a five-piece) and their precocious talent that they stood out on a bill like that, and won themselves a steady legion of adoring fans that has swelled considerably in the months since. Driven by a reckless, infectious sense of adventure and enthusiasm, Canterbury (who do not in fact hail from Canterbury) define their music as “sweet rock” and play a particularly emotive, endearing, almost Disney-like …



Stand-Up Tuesdays is a weekly comedy spotlight written by the wonderfully talented Angie Frissore. Covering both known and unknown comics, Stand-up Tuesdays is your new source for all things funny.

This week, Angie puts a spotlight on Tom Simmons and his latest release, Keep Up. If you or your comedy troupe would like to be featured on Stand-Up Tuesdays, please email

If you haven’t yet heard of comedian Tom Simmons, it’s really about time you change that.

The veteran comic and winner of the 2009 San Francisco International Comedy Competition released his fifth live CD earlier this …



"f there is one thing we are learning in Summer 2011, it is that Hollywood can turn anything into a bad idea. It used to be people dreaded sequels, now we dread superhero films (thanks Green Lantern!) and after this weekend, some may even be more cautious of raunchy comedy. "
Set Your Goals

REVIEW: Set Your Goals – Burning At Both Ends

"On Burning At Both Ends, Set Your Goals continue to set themselves apart from the rest of the pop punk world with anthems of youth, life on the road, and a level of social awareness that is second to none. This is the kind of album that defines Summer and stays with the listener for decades after. If you've ever considered yourself a "lifer" for the music industry or even considered a career in music, prepare to meet your new favorite album."

REVIEW: Bon Iver – Bon Iver

"As much as I love this album, and I do (if I think about it subjectively, standing alone), I unfortunately can't help drawing comparison's to For Emma, Forever Ago. As much as I don't want to, I'm human, and loving a band means knowing when they're strong and weak. It would be wrong of me to pretend this album existed in a bubble, living without ties to other releases, because it would mean this album was a product of completely originality (and it isn't). This is a continuation of artist growth and development that challenges listeners to forget the feeling and mood of the previous album with a platter or new thoughts and ideas."

REVIEW: Job For A Cowboy – Gloom EP

If somehow you like some death metal but have never heard Job For A Cowboy, Gloom is a perfect starting point as it is certainly the band’s best work to date. One of the best EPs I’ve heard in quite some time, it comes with the utmost recommendation I can give a four song EP.

Review: Alesana – The Emptiness

Artist: Alesana
Album: The Emptiness
Genre: post-hardcore/scene metal
Label: Fearless

It seems to me that 2010 will be the year we see if any of these new age screamo/post hardcore/scene metal acts have legs underneath them. People have been saying for years that the heavier underground scene was getting flooded and I think we’re at a critical moment where looking the part or having some synth to lighten the mood won’t be enough to keep fans happy. Bands wishing to stay afloat are going to have to push themselves harder than before and the first real contenders up to this …

REVIEW: Day of Fire – Losing All

Artist: Day of Fire
Album: Losing All
Genre: Rock
Label: Razor & Tie

Some bands break out on their first record and fail miserably on their Sophomore effort. Others take a bit longer to bloom and use their second release to catapult their careers. Then there are those rare gems that have a large audience, but little mainstream exposure who rise to the top following a slew of solid releases. This third category perfectly defines Nashville’s Day of Fire who are gearing up to release their 3rd record, Losing all on January 26th.

Having built up a strong Christian fanbase …

REVIEW: Forever The Sickest Kids – The Weekend: Friday

TheWeekendFridayArtist: Forever The Sickest Kids
Album: The Weekend: Friday
Genre: Pop
Label: Universal

When a young band like Forever The Sickest Kids takes over a year to release a follow-up record and instead of giving us 13 news tracks, opts instead to begin releasing a series of EPs dedicated to different days of the weekend, you should get nervous. The more than obvious lack of successful writing [even their full length rehashed songs from their debut EP] over time has shown many of the fleeting careers of the massively popular FTSK. However, the argument that this process will lead to …