UTG TV: Brokencyde interview

The UTG TV crew recently sat down with the band most love to hate, Brokencyde, for an interview unlike anything they’ve ever done before. See what happened, after the jump!

ALBUM REVIEW: Dot Dot Curve – Your Ears will Bleeping Bleed

Artist: Dot Dot Curve Album: Your Ears will Bleeping Bleed Genre: Terrible Music Label: Standby It’s getting harder and harder to be a successful band [at least] in America. Back in the day, you could release a solid record and tour for 2-4 years on it. Yes, fans grew tired of waiting for new material, […]

Brokencyde – I’m Not a Fan, But the Kids Like It

Artist: Brokencyde Album: I’m Not A Fan, but The Kids Like It Genre: Crunkcore Label: Break Silence Given the unending popularity of our last Brokencyde review, it seems only fitting that I return to give you not only my views, but our staff as a whole’s thoughts on this group’s newest effort, I’m Not A […]

Dot Dot Curve :) – Till The Wheels Fall Off

Artist: Dot Dot Curve :) Album: Till The Wheels Fall Off Genre: Crunkcore Label: Standby Back in November, we brought you our views on this then little known group called Brokencyde. Since then, that review has become our most popular topic, but in addition, the group has exploded onto the music scene. Everywhere, much to […]