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UTG SONG PREMIERE: Crystalyne – “Let It Go”

It’s beginning to get cold here in the midwest. The need to wake up early to warm up the car is met with the frustration of leaving warm blankets and soft pillows. Grumpy mornings are back again, in seasonal fashion. The only thing warming me up these days (aside from an occasional cup of coffee) […]

Crystalyne Roar

NEW COVER: Crystalyne – “Roar (Katy Perry)”

The latest cover from the ever-hardworking Toronto band, Crystalyne, has been fed through the tubes today and into our hearts. It’s only been a week or so since Katy Perry put out her latest single, “Roar” (which sounds better each time I hear it). Wasting no time, Marissa put her finger to the keys and […]

Crystalyne PROMO

Crystalyne Perform Acoustic/Piano Cover Of Paramore’s “Ain’t It Fun”

Toronto’s Crystalyne filmed themselves performing an acoustic/piano cover of Paramore’s song “Ain’t It Fun” and can be viewed here! The band’s brand new infectious single “Secret” is available to purchase right now over on iTunes. UTG highly recommends checking out Crystalyne. Stay tuned for further details on projects from this group, new tour dates, and […]

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STREAM: Crystalyne – “Secret”

After teasing a summer’s worth of concerts and a new single, Crystalyne has officially released “Secret” to their awaiting fans. MuchMusic had the première, Crystalyne has the tune. A super fun, infectious, and summertime ready tune. Jump down and listen to the single and be sure to grab it on iTunes if you find your […]

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NEW MUSIC TEASER: Crystalyne – “Secret”

Our canadian friends in Crystalyne are pumped. Why so pumped? Because they are playing a ton of festivals this summer and they have new music on the horizon. That’s why. In a vlog entry this afternoon, the members of the band take their turns giving their fans an update regarding shows, a new single, and […]

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NEW COVER: Crystalyne – “Anything Could Happen (Ellie Goulding cover Feat. Justin Dubé)”

Did you watch Crystalyne’s latest video and instantly want more? If so (you greedy life suckers), you’ve got it. Today we have a brand new cover featuring Crystalyne’s Marissa Dattoli and singer/songwriter Justin Dubé. The song is “Anything Could Happen” by Ellie Goulding. We think these young Canadian musicians perform the song quite admirably, but […]

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MUSIC VIDEO: Crystalyne – “Just Fine”

Continuing the practice of putting out quality content, Crystalyne have a new video for their song “Just Fine.” Appearing on their debut EP, “Just Fine” is, by our count, the 4th song to get the official video treatment. You can watch the video inside.

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WATCH/DOWNLOAD: Crystalyne – “Part of Me (Katy Perry cover)”

Crystalyne‘s Marissa Datoli is quickly rising in the music industry as a young female powerhouse. Eager to show it, she and her bandmate Josh have covered Katy Perry’s “Part of Me” and posted the video online. This follows the release of a brand new remix of the band’s single “Weapon,” which can be found here. Click through […]

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STREAM/DOWNLOAD: Crystalyne – Weapon (Michael Froh Remix)

Crystalyne is one of our new favorite bands, do you remember them? We premiered their EP not too long ago and we’ve been doing our very best to keep up with them ever since. In case you’ve forgotten, please allow us to refresh your memory with this remix of their single, “Weapon,” produced by Michael […]

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MUSIC VIDEO: Crystalyne – “Navigate”

Back in June, we introduced the world to Crystalyne’s debut EP Navigate. Since then the band has done some light touring, played festivals, and made music videos for a majority of their songs. Today the band has released one for the title track, “Navigate.” It’s minimalistic and might give us men some insight as to why it takes […]

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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: Crystalyne – Navigate EP

Unsigned bands are great. There is nothing more exciting than a bunch of fresh faces on the scene. New people to look up to, new music, and that “try us out!” attitude that is yet untarnished by the wear and tear of touring, recording, marketing, and expectation that inevitably grips the hearts of many musicians. I get […]