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Death From Above 1979 Writing New Material, to Tour

Canadian dance-punk duo Death From Above 1979 released a blog post today announcing a tour of Canada and the premier of new material. They had apparently tried going straight into the studio, but would rather work out the kinks live. UTG is happy that they’re really making a go at it, just as we were […]


REVIEW: The Rapture – In The Grace Of Your Love

Artist: The Rapture Album: In The Grace Of Your Love Genre: Dance Punk Label: DFA Records Bands really need to spend more time thinking up a name for themselves. They spend enough time thinking about where they’re going to have their next photo shoot, or what they’re going to wear to their next show, they […]

The Photo Atlas – To Silently Provoke The Ghost

Artist: The Photo Atlas Album: To Silently Provoke The Ghost Genre: Rock Label: Morning After Tracklist: 1.  Class of 2012 2. It’s Always About The Money 3. Jealous Teeth 4. Write This Down 5. You Haven’t Read Enough There’s nothing like Spring to give us some fresh servings of up and coming bands. The Photo […]