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Netlix And Adam Sandler Are Working On Not One, But Four New Films

Either Hell has frozen over or the executive team at Netflix does not realize Adam Sandler continued making films after Click, but whatever the case, a groundbreaking deal has just been made that will allow Sandler to make four …

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Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Acquires Book Deal For Memoir

Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe acquired a book deal for the untitled memoir he is writing. The memoir will find its way onto bookshelves next year.

Blythe will undoubtedly be focusing on his imprisonment overseas as the result of …


Beastie Boys Sign Book Deal, To Publish Memoir

The NY Times reported late last night that surviving Beastie Boys members Mike D and Ad-Rock have signed a book deal with Random House subsidiary Spiegel & Grau.

The two plan on releasing a memoir that blends oral history with …

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Warner Bros Makes Deal With Mad Decent For Distribution Of Baauer’s “Harlem Shake”

Trap producer Baauer is still riding high from the enormous internet success of his popular “Harlem Shake” visuals / parodies and now has struck a unique distribution with Warner Bros.

The label plans on teaming up with Baauer’s Mad Decent …


The Used Launch Anger Music Group, Sign Distribution Deal With Hopeless Records

The Used have announced the creation of their own quasi-label, Anger Music Group, and signed a distribution deal with Hopeless Records.

News of these moves first broke this morning via an interview Used frontman Bert McCracken with Alternative Press. …

grown ups

Oh No, “Grown Ups 2” May Be On The Way

As if Adam Sandler and the rest of Happy Madison haven’t learned from their mistakes in 2011 (AKA Bucky Larson and Jack & Jill), a new Hollywood headline has UTG starting to think they have actually gone insane.



Are You Ready For “Dead Island: The Movie”?

Video games aren’t for everyone, but they’re definitely a second passion for most the UTG staff. One of this season’s biggest games, Dead Island has just been acquired by Lionsgate and it seems the most obvious adaptation in video game …

Blink-182 plan “182 minutes of $20 tickets” for Saturday

Mark Hoppus has revealed (via his Google+) that Blink-182 have arranged for promoters and venues of the Honda Civic tour to open additional tickets tomorrow night for $20 for exactly 182 minutes in what the group is calling “Up …

The Devil Wears Prada signs worldwide deal

The Devil Wears Prada have newly announced that Roadrunner Records will be their worldwide label, excluding North America. They will still release their fourth album on September 12 through Ferret/Roadrunner Records.

Silverstein and Victory splitting ways?

According to THIS INTERVIEW from Alter The Press, Silverstein will be ending their relationship with Victory records, their home for nearly every release, in 2010:

ATP: Will the next record be on Victory Records?
PK: It will not.


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