death core

Knights of The Abyss – Shades

Band: Knights of The Abyss Album: Shades Genre: Death Metal Label: Ferret Tracks: 1. Banished 2. A New Darkened Faith 3. Whorror Storm 4. Don’t Feed the Heathens 5. Running Out Of Earthly Wealth 6. Feeling Faint 7. Dis Unveiled 8. The Penalty of The Tyrant 9. Suicide Reign 10. Bound By Heresy 11. Exploitation […]

Carnifex – The Diseased and The Poisoned

Band: Carnifex Album: The Diseased and The Poisoned Genre: Black/Death Metal Label: Victory Tracks: 1. Suffering 2. In Coalesce With Filth and Fury 3. The Nature of Depravity 4. Adornment of the Sickened 5. Innocence Died Screaming 6. The Diseased and The Poisoned 7. To My Dead and Dark Dreams 8. Sadistic Embrace 9. Answers […]