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Metallica Start Their Own Label, Releasing Concert Blu Ray & DVD

Former heavy metal and current Rick Rubin act Metallica have gone independent (maybe blink 182 will do the same?). They have formally announced they have started their own label – although they haven’t said if the still untitled label will be signing other acts, or just being used as a means to release their new […]


Metallica To Start Work On New Album

80s metal, 90s rock, and present day eh band Metallica have released their intentions to begin working on a new album. Drummer Lars Ulrich said it is unlikely to arrive until 2014 – but based on the history of the band, it might even be longer. Lead guitarist Kirk Hammett told Rolling Stone “Right now, […]


STREAM: Metallica – Just A Bullet Away (Unreleased “Death Magnetic” B-Side)

Another week, another unearthed rarity from Metallica’s pre-Lulu days in hopes of reminding fans why they pay so much to see them live. Uploaded by the band just a few short hours ago, “Just A Bullet Away” is the second song to surface from the Death Magnetic sessions since the band’s 30th anniversary. Much like […]


STREAM: Metallica – Hate Train (Unreleased “Death Magnetic” B-side)

Metallica have unleashed a song fans never knew existed and for the first time in over a year, it doesn’t completely suck! Originally released as part of their 30th anniversary celebration, “Hate Train” was originally intended for Death Magnetic, but for some reason was ultimately scrapped. From the sounds of it, the band definitely missed […]


REVIEW: Lou Reed & Metallica – Lulu

Album: Lulu Artist: Lou Reed and Metallica Label: Warner Bros. Genre: Experimental Rarely do musical collaborations come along as perplexing and strange as Lou Reed and Metallica’s. Perhaps the Jonas Brothers and Common, or Nelly and Tim McGraw, perhaps Eminem and Elton John–no matter the collaboration you name, “Loutallica” ranks near the top in amount […]