We Interviewed Chelsea Grin

Deathgrind is about to get some fresh competition. Statik Factory Records’ newest band, Chelsea Grin, is rewriting the rules on the genre with blazing speed, depth, and intricacy. We got the first big interview with the band earlier this week and the results can be found below. Take note, this band is about to blow up. […]

Chelsea Grin – Chelsea Grin EP

Band: Chelsea Grin Album: Chelsea Grin EP Genre: Deathgrind Label: Statik Factory Tracks: 1. Crewcabanger 2. Anathema Of The Sick 3. Cheyne-Strokes 4. Disgrace 5. Lifeless How many deathgrind bands does it take to make a good demo?  Just one: Chelsea Grin.  It’s hard to break in to the deathgrind genre and make people take notice, especially […]

See You Next Tuesday – Intervals

Band: See You Next Tuesday Album: Intervals Genre: Grindcore Label: Ferret Tracks: 1. Nascence 2. In The End 3. The Life in Death 4. Eternity? 5. Alpha 6. She Once Said I Was A Romantic 7. Daydreams 8. Nightmares 9. In The Beginning 10. Forever on Deaf Ears 11. Goodnight [Our Last Dance] 12. This […]