Keane Frontman Denies Break Up Rumors, Says Band Will Be Taking ‘A Bit Of Time Out’ From Being Together

What we have here is a classic case of publication versus the artist. One thinks a quote meant the end of one of the UK’s most notable pop outfits in recent memory, while the other couldn’t disagree more. Which is right? Let’s find out. On Sunday (October 20), The Sun reported that Keane would soon […]


Patrick Stump Squashes FOB Rumor

Between this and the hiatus of Scissor Sisters, today is off to a rough start. Yesterday, the blogosphere went nuts over Keltie Colleen letting the cat out of the bag that she knew “FOB were working on new songs.” Now, Patrick Stump has squashed that rumor. He took to his Twitter to say that “One […]

Underoath and director deny affiliation with Illuminati

When Underoath dropped their new music video for “Paper Lung,” earlier in the week, many fans interpreted symbols in the video to be ones reflecting the Illuminati. The band quickly squashed these rumors and now their director, Jonathan Desbiens, has a few words to say regarding the false allegations. “Paper Lung” comes from Underoath’s latest […]