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Devin The Dude 2012

STREAM: Devin The Dude – Seriously Trippin EP

Rap heavy-weight Devin The Dude has dropped the stream of his entire new EP, Seriously Trippin, and Under The Gun Review is currently spinning it non-stop! Even though six songs is not enough for the average fan of Devin, this release shows that he can still run circles around the current rise of talent in […]

Music video: Snoop Dogg “I Don’t Need No Bitch”

Watch Snoop Dogg‘s music video for “I Don’t Need No Bitch” featuring Devin The Dude and Kobe Honeycutt right here.


Devin The Dude in Movie

Houston, Texas rap star Devin the Dude and Jacksonville, Florida, comedian Lil Duval will play the lead characters in a new film titled Hillbilly Highway.