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Blacklist Royals Die Young With Me Review

REVIEW: Blacklist Royals – ‘Die Young With Me’

Artist: Blacklist Royals Album Die Young With Me Genre: Rock ‘n’ roll Label: Krian Music Group Die Young With Me is the rock ‘n’ roll record 2014 needs. Laden with composed thought and texture, it is a record that caters to the musical fan ready and waiting to be taken on a true journey. And […]

Blacklist Royals

Listen To Blacklist Royals’ New Song, “Hearts On Fire”

Blacklist Royals are an alternative rock group based out of Nashville, Tennessee. They plan on releasing a brand new album June 10, titled Die Young With Me. This weekend they premiered a new single from it. The band teamed up with Noisey to reveal the song “Hearts On Fire,” and it’s available to stream below […]

blacklist royals

UTG INTERVIEW: Blacklist Royals @ SXSW

Raspy and relinquishing, Blacklist Royals are a pure dose of healthy, American punk rock. Fronted by twin brothers Nat and Rob Rufus, the band is honest and forthright in their songwriting. Releases such as the 2013 single “Righteous Child” show a band writing songs full of melodic energy and power. Fans are gravitating toward the […]