Allison Weiss

Allison Weiss And Her Band Involved In Van Accident, Taking Donations And Digital Sales

Writing about this kind of thing is the hardest part of the job. While driving from Denver to Salt Lake City yesterday as a part of their current tour routing, Allison Weiss and her band hit a patch of ice along a treacherous stretch of highway and rolled off the road. According to a Facebook […]


Driver Friendly Need Your Help After Being Robbed Again

You’ve probably read by now that Driver Friendly had their trailer stolen this past weekend at SXSW, but now they need your help to try and recoup some of the $15,000 worth of stuff they lost. This isn’t the first time Driver Friendly has found their selves in this situation. This is the second time […]


Code Orange Kids Robbed, Ask For Help

I was robbed once in college; I was a music major who had his primary instrument stolen. It was emotionally devastating even after I got my stuff back (yes, sometimes, the police do catch the criminal). Pittsburgh rockers Code Orange Kids recently got robbed on tour, and I can only wish them the best. When […]


Gwar Announce Full US Tour

Heavy metal rockers Gwar have announced a full run of the US kicking off this March. After announcing an impressive benefit concert for the bands late guitarist Cory Smoot, Gwar announced they would also be touring soon. The band have now announced they will tour the country with direct support from Municipal Waste and Ghoul. […]


A Loss For Words stranded in California

The boys from Boston’s A Loss For Words are stuck on the wrong coast! Their van has died and they are currently looking for a way back. They’re accepting donations to help them get home, either by getting a new van or purchasing plane tickets.