don’t flush me


REVIEW: Nemes – Don’t Flush Me

Artist: Nemes Album: Don’t Flush Me Genre: Folk/Country/Rock On their 865 EP, Worcester, MA’s Nemes showcased a mashup of pop punk and folk sensibilities that was familiar enough for passing listeners, yet unique enough to set them apart from the faceless masses of “the scene.” Years of touring and dozens of concepts later, the group […]


UTG ALBUM STREAM: Nemes – Don’t Flush Me

Best friends of the site, Worcester’s Nemes, finally have a new album this week and UTG could not be more excited to have the exclusive premiere! Moving away from the more pop punk driven sound of 865, the band seems much more comfortable with themselves and their material on this release. Combining elements of rock,blues, folk, punk, and indie, allows us to introduce you to an album we can’t put down, Nemes’ Don’t Flush Me.