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Colin Farrell Tries To Remember Who He Is In First Trailer For ‘Winter’s Tale’

There have been a surprisingly small number of quote/unquote ‘chick flicks’ in recent years. More and more filmmakers are trying to target multiple demographics with each release, and as such the age of cute-meets-cute has started to go the way of the floppy disc. Nowadays cute only meets cute if something completely surreal is happening, […]

Fast Girls - UK Film Premiere

Downton Abbey Star Lily James Cast As Cinderella In Disney’s Upcoming Live-Action Film

Disney searched for months (probably years) to find the perfect foot for their glass slipper, and in the end Downton Abbey‘s Lily James was chosen as the perfect fit. In an announcement made around 2pm EST today, Disney confirmed plans to move forward with a live-action adaptation of Cinderella starring actress Lily James. Kenneth Branagh […]