Ted Nugent’s Drummer Arrested For Driving Golf Cart Drunk

Let’s just take a short moment to embrace how great this mugshot is of Ted Nugent drummer Mick Brown. LOADED. Now that we can finally move on from how hilarious this is, UTG can tell you all that Brown was arrested for stealing a golf cart and driving it around recklessly in Bangor, Maine. Apparently, […]

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Warped Tour Announces Bus Service

Summer music festival Vans Warped Tour announced a new service in association with Rock & Bus, which is a shuttle service that takes concert goers from outlying areas near venues and takes them to the shows they are close to. This is a great service for kids whose parents can’t give them a ride, people who […]


MUSIC VIDEO: OK Go – Needing/Getting

OK Go have released their official music video for “Needing/Getting.” Staying true to themselves, OK Go have once again pulled out all the stops for their latest video. The clip features the band performing, which is a word I use loosely, their new single using nothing but their voices and the car they are driving. […]


DMX arrested for speeding

SHOCKER! DMX has been arrested again, this time for going 102 MPH in a 65 MPH zone. Last night, while driving in Arizona, police pulled over X after his fast and furious routine and arrested him for having a suspended license. He was then booked for speeding, reckless driving and a suspended license but was […]