Drunk In Love


STREAM: Palisades – “Drunk In Love” (Beyonce Cover)

Palisades are by no means one of the heaviest acts on Rise Records’ roster. A majority of their songs are mostly clean vocals with some uncleans peppered in here and there. One thing they have become known for though is heavy electronic influence in some of their music. The song “High & Low,” for example, […]


The Weekend Of “Drunk In Love” Remixes Continues As The Weeknd, Diplo Join In

It’s the tail end of a Valentine’s Day weekend, one that fell not too long after Queen Beyoncé dropped a nuclear bomb on the pop wars of 2013, may they rest in peace. Just as it has been the song of the last few months, so too was Yoncé’s single the song of the weekend. The […]


Required Listening: Kanye West – “Drunk In Love” (Remix)

Kanye West rarely drops new music on the fly, but last night he surprised fans worldwide by adding a few bars to Beyonce’s current “Drunk In Love.” Marking the first appearance of new music from Kanye West in 2014, the remix of “Drunk In Love” finds Yeezus offering a bit of a return to form […]


Beyoncé Releases Videos For “Drunk In Love” And “XO”

As you may have heard, Beyoncé dropped a surprise album on Thursday night. It’s self-titled, contains 14 tracks and 17 videos, and has been, by all accounts, an instant success. Reactions and reviews have been rapturous, and the sales numbers have been impressive. Beyoncé was already a pop superstar. After this, we need to consider a […]