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Beau Bokan (blessthefall) Discusses Albums That Changed His Life

Our good friends over at Alter The Press sat down with blessthefall vocalist Beau Boken to discuss the four albums that changed his life. Every album is special in its own way to Boken. His top albums include Metallica’s Black Album, Oasis’ (What’s The Story) Morning Glory?, Minor Threat’s Out Of Step, and Blink-182’s Dude […]

History Lesson

MUSIC HISTORY CLASS: Enema of the State

On this day in 1999, pop-punk icons, Blink-182, released their mainstream shattering third album, Enema of the State. The album sold four times more than Blink’s underground breakthrough, Dude Ranch (1997), and would go on to be a massive world-wide seller. By August 1999, Enema of the State was certified Platinum, selling over 3 million […]

Dude Ranch on Vinyl!

Why anyone wouldn’t want this blows James’ mind: Mightier Than Sword Records is proud to announce their upcoming pre-order for the limited-edition vinyl re-issue of Blink-182’s Dude Ranch. While this release is not part of the label’s 10th anniversary series, it is commemorative and a must-have for any music enthusiast. Pre-order for Dude Ranch will […]